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A toddler’s world is full of imagination and in my experience planes, trains & cars! Rocky is an energetic 2 – year-old, so it was only fitting he had a plane themed 2nd Birthday at our home … the day after we landed back from the UK! 

First Class Departure Lounge


The creative behind Rocky’s Come Fly Our Way first class departure lounge was adapted from @honeypunch birthday for adorable Louis who also shares a love for planes.  

Rocky loves planes and I loved Angela’s play on the theme when I first saw and fell in love with it, so I was sure to incorporate some aspects of the party. I  placed “inflight dining” trays and activities in the centre of the kids table, gave out baggage claim -themed party favour bags and placed a plane cake topper and smaller planes on the very tall cake with some popcorn around it to create the illusion of clouds.

While a setup at home was super casual, it was so easy to create the illusion of a first class departure lounge and the party also featured a couple of key elements.

We had a custom wooden signage which really played on the theme made by @_shartruese  “inflight dining” , emergency exit” and “engine fuel”.

We took our slide from our play room and this our “emergency exit” area.


Rocky’s party was catered by @myalteregocatering 

A grazing table was the perfect choice for this theme letting both the adults and kids graze throughout the party and they also placed lots of little plane themed elements across the table. It was definitely a crowd pleaser!

I opted to provide a range of items on the kids “inflight dining trays” creating the illusion they were eating on a plane! They had lots of snacks including custom cookies by @cookiesandcrumbsmelbourne including pretzels and popcorn.


| Photography: @jessiikawilsonphotography | Event Planning, Styling, Decorations @eventsbyashwood 

| Catering @myalteregocatering

| Print @printandparty

| Wooden decor @_shartruese

| Cookies @cookiesandcrumbsmelbourne

| Acrylic signage @molossidesigns


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