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Georg & her beautiful babes, Winslow & Pascal.

Georg, thanks so much for joining us as our Mama Mentor! I have followed you on Instagram for some time, your home, Winslow and Pascal.. oh my goodness.. the list is endless!

I’d love you to share, why you decided to let the wonderful world of Instagram into your life?

When I first started my IG account, everything was new to me. I was about to become a new mum and pregnant with my first (Winslow), starting a new business and no idea how to use this “new” app, and was only newly married. Life was very “new” to me and IG gave me an outlet to express myself and connect with other women who were going through the same. My account was made for business and to sell my products but it organically became a place where I could personally blog and share my life with my followers too. I love having the mix on them both.

How do you manage to juggle everything that is motherhood? You make it look effortless.. what’s your secret??

Some may call me OCD, my mum calls me her energiser bunny and others may call me down-right crazy – haha!! But honestly I just love the chaos of motherhood and business. I’m so passionate about both and it gives me so much drive and motivation. My advise is to find a routine that works for you and your family and still at it. I am super organised but at the same time love to embrace the “unpredictability” of kids and motherhood. I have certainly learnt to embrace the messy days and go with it rather tham fight it and hate it. As long as my children go to be every night with a smile on their face, my day was successful.

Your positive influence on your followers is so inspiring and you genuinely want everyone to be the best versions of themselves… why do you think you are so successful in the online mama community?

I am totally flattered, even at this question. I wasn’t aware I was these things in the eye of the IG community. I am such a positive person, even in the sh*ttest situations I try to positively problem solve or I will have a good giggle and say “there is always tomorrow!” We would be naive to think that someones life is “perfect”, there is no such thing, but the way you portray your life on social media is a reflection for how you handle day-to-day challenges that we ALL faced. I will never sugar coat my life, how I share it, is how I see it.

But you’re right, I do genuinely want everyone to be the best versions of themselves. When I am faced a challenge or a “bad” situation I always ask myself “what can I learn from this? How can I make this situation a positive and what can I do to not let it happen again?” I always see things from different angles and like to give a different perspective on situations. This is something that I not only share with my followers but with my children. They are my biggest priority.

If you could find any advice to mamas currently on maternity leave and wanting to take the plunge to follow their dreams and start their own business.. what would that be?

JUST DO IT! JUMP IN. TWO FEET. Give it your best and 100%. Too often I talk to people who have an idea or they say “I’ll do it when…” My biggest advise on IG and social media platforms is to be yourself and give your followers something to follow.

I love following other mama accounts that  adore fashion and remain as stylish as ever and I love that fact that you twin with your minis!! What’s your top 3 fav twinning looks?

I absolutely love the @branche mummy and me initial T-shirts.

I love the @babyleggingco sweaters and pants because I can also match Pascal

and @fromzion_ have some gorgeous twinning pieces for the whole family.

What are the 3 things you are grateful for?

My husband and children (for obvious reasons).

My business and the supportive community that I am so lucky to be apart of.

Uber EATS because #pregnant and cravings are a real thing!.

Please share with us your Top 3 favourite Insta accounts?

@littleraeprints – Not only is Summer a beautiful friend of mine, she is so talented and inspiring.

@jessiikawilson – I met her through IG and we quickly became friends. My gal always keeps it real and gives me a LOL moment every day.

@reviejane – Love watching this mama and her journey of motherhood and business.

Georg- we love you and are your family!! Thank you xx