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Jo, thanks so much for joining us as our Mama Mentor, before we get into it.. tell me a little about yourself…

Thank you so much for having me and including me in this. I love what you are doing. 

So a little about me…I am mama to Hunter who is 2 and Archie who is 9months. I am married to my soul mate, Adam. We live on acreage in Sydney. I was a primary school teacher before becoming a mum. Now I am a full time mama and blogger (and love every minute of it). I love fashion! Like addicted 😜! Love sharing our story, hoping to inspire and motivate other mums out there. But also as a legacy for my late mother who very unexpectedly passed away, the day I found out I was pregnant with Hunter and 6 weeks after getting married.

I have followed you in Instagram for some time, your home, your boys, your positive vibe and perfect feed.. oh my! 

I’d love you to share, why you decided to let the wonderful world of Instagram into your life?

Aww that is so sweet thank you! I started storyandco for 3 reasons.

I had  just lost my mum and I wanted my boys to know her, I wanted a space to honour her and share all the wonderful things she had taught me. It is part of my grieving and holding onto her.

I want my boys to know what their mother was like when I was raising them. I had so many questions I wanted to ask mum when she passed (we were so close, I thought I knew everything) but I would have loved to have read her words going through life, so I decided to share our story with my boys. So they know how fiercely I loved them both and their daddy.

I love to learn and keep my brain active. I have done 3 masters, so I need to keep it going. So being at home, I wanted a creative outlet, to share my passion for interiors, fashion, lifestyle, age old wisdom and love letters to my boys

How do you manage to juggle everything that is motherhood? You make it look effortless.. what’s your secret!!

Haha way too sweet. It is definitely a juggle and it is definitely a work in progress. Some days I feel like I am not present, and all over the place, other days I feel like we are kicking goals. But that’s ok, that is life and I accept that. Being organised is key for me. I plan out our month then break it down into weeks, I cook all meals in the morning, tidy as I go but have a cleaning day, do work when the kids nap. I am so lucky my beautiful Uncle comes up about 3 days a week and helps me (he is an angel on Earth). My husband is amazing, very supportive, very hands on, we are really a great team and have each other’s backs so we can achieve our personal and professional goals. But we are also learning too.

Your positive and authentic influence on your followers is so inspiring and you genuinely want to engage with your followers … why do you think you are so successful in the online mama community?

Thank you, that really means a lot to me and that is actually a huge goal of mine. That is why I actually went into teaching. I genuinely want people to discover their gifts and be their best version. So naturally I have taken that into my business and I want my boys to see my true motivation. So thank you for seeing that. I really think it pays to be kind. Just being a good person, helping others, there is enough room for everyone, we all succeed if we find our gifts and we all benefit from that.

I love learning and I don’t have all the answers, we all have strengths and I love celebrating everyone’s unique gifts. I think I have a beautiful following because I genuinely want to see others happy and succeed, I want to help, I reply to dm’s, emails and comments. I love people wanting to learn, I embrace it and get energy from it. Building relationships is key, and kindness.

I love following other mama accounts that  adore fashion and remain as stylish as ever and I love that fact that you twin with your minis!! What’s your top 3 fav twinning looks?

I love twinning too and love that you can do it being a boy mum too!

My 3 fav looks?

Colour theme (using a colour, a colour palette to match us all).

Accessories (hats are my fav at the moment).

Same but different (maybe a dress for me, pants for Hunter and a top for Archie in same pattern and colour).

What are the 3 things you are grateful for

My children and husband, my uncle.

My mum, i only got her for 30 years but I am so grateful I got to experience the most selfless, generous, kind loving mother who taught me how to be a mother.


How do you get your Insta hubby to take most amazing pics?

Haha he is good! But I set them up and tell him how to take them! Actually my uncle takes a lot of them for me! He has no idea how to use the camera, he is 70 but he takes direction well! Bless. Hubby has a good eye.

Jo – we love you and are your family!!

Monochrome Mum xx

Thank you so much and I really appreciate it.

Love and light x






Warm regards,